CASA Building for Children’s Future Campaign in the News

CASA Superheroes “Building for Children’s Future” Campaign

The demolition for our campaign officially began Saturday, June 9th 2012 at 6:00am.  A dedicated group from Kiewit, Fulton Construction, Shell Oil, Republic Service, and the City of Corpus Christi started to demolish a building that will be renovated and utilized to help serve our abused and neglected children of the Coastal Bend.

This month CASA will continue with the redevelopment Building Capitol Campaign. As part of the CASA Superhero’s Building for the Children’s capital campaign, CASA is committed to recognizing every contributor of $250 or more who helped to make the new training headquarters a reality. The Capital Campaign Committee has developed three ways of recognizing campaign contributors. The school children of Corpus Christi will be creating one of a kind tile art work for donor’s recognition. Children helping children will forever display our whole community coming together for this campaign.

“We are so excited to kick off our capital campaign with partnerships from Shell Oil Olympus Mars B Project and Windsor Park Elementary. Shell employees will be coordinating and completing our interior demolition as in kind services. We are also working with a Windsor Park art teacher and her students as they create a tile project that will recognize our capital campaign donors” said Page Hall, Executive Director of CASA.

In late December, CASA launched a 5 year plan to serve all the children in our tri-county area. During the planning process, we created a two year strategic growth plan that focuses on the following areas: community engagement, fund development, board development, judicial support, and organizational leadership/administrative competency. We have made several changes in our staff organizational chart and expect to hire several more CASA Casework Supervisors during the next year, as well as serve more children with more volunteers,

As CASA recruits and trains more volunteers, staff will be hired to meet the National CASA recommended ratio of 30 volunteers to each Casework Supervisor. Last year, CASA of the Coastal Bend had four full time supervisors. These supervisors worked with 160 CASA volunteers. These volunteers worked with and helped 407 children in the tri-county area during 2010. This year, we expect to serve 600 children with the help of 199 volunteers, and we will add 1-2 additional casework supervisor positions before the end of the year. This year CASA expects to hold 8-10 training classes—five have already been conducted and our next one begins on July 10, 2010.

One of CASA’s goals is to begin renovation and demolition of our second building located on the property as we continue to grow our volunteers and staff. At the present time, each office and every bit of space in our main building is being utilized.

Already, a few Coastal Bend companies and organizations have started the process of helping this project get off the ground. Kiewit, Fulton Construction, Shell Oil, Republic Service, and the City of Corpus Christi are all working toward donating their manpower, time, and funds to help kick off our building redevelopment campaign.

We are excited that the actual tile art work for this project will be created by the school children of Windsor Park Elementary School. “CASA is an agency that is near and dear to my heart. I have been fortunate to work with CASA volunteers and the children that they serve. The advocacy and dedication that they have extended have made a significant difference in the lives of children and for the educators who care for them at school. CASA has been more than a voice for the children they have served in the Coastal Bend; they have been a lifeline”, said Dr. Kimberly Bissell, Principal at Windsor Park Elementary.

Please spread the word and consider being part of this much needed redevelopment project. Or, if you have further questions, please contact Bert Quintanilla at 361-884-2272 office or 361-537-8151 cell. Thank you again for all you do for the children and families in our community.



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