Seven Siblings in Need of a Voice

I am for the child kids pic

Camilla (age 15), Charles (age 14), Clarissa (age 10), Carlos (age 8), Chad (age 4), Candace (age 2) and Claudia (age 8 months) have been waiting for a CASA volunteer since January of this year. Their mother has had a long history of drug abuse, with Claudia being born positive for cocaine and amphetamines. There was not running water in the home when the children were placed in foster care. Child Protective Services has been involved with the family off and on since Camilla was about 3 years old. All of the children have suffered from long-term neglect and mistreatment. The older children were often left to care for the younger children, with Camilla tending to her siblings’ basic needs when she was just 5 years old. Due to the number of siblings and their varying needs, the children have been split up across 5 different placements.

These siblings have been on the waiting list for a CASA for 8 months. As of September 9, 2014, they are just 7 of 57 children who are waiting for a CASA volunteer to advocate for their best interests. Every day these children go without a CASA is another day that they do not have someone to keep them from falling through the cracks of the over-burdened child welfare system. Inquire about volunteering today.


Note: Demographic characteristics such as name, age and sex have been changed to protect identity. Photos do not depict the actual children.



Lift her voice


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